15 April 2020 |

Pfizer invests in PharmaNutra’s Sucrosomial® Technology

pfizer investe nel magnesio sucrosomiale di pharmanutra

The innovative Sucrosomial® Magnesium developed by the PharmaNutra Group is one of the main ingredients of the new Multicentrum MyMAG launched by Pfizer.


PharmaNutra S.p.A. reports on an important new scientific and commercial agreement for the innovative Sucrosomial® Technology patented by the Group.
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Italy S.r.l., leader in the research, production and commercialisation of medicinal products, has chosen to include the Sucrosomial® Magnesium in the ingredients of its new Multicentrum MyMAG. The product, available in Italy from April, will contain three different sources of magnesium including the exclusive formula developed and patented by Alesco S.r.l., a PharmaNutra Group company specialised in the production and distribution of active principles.


This acknowledgement is especially important and prestigious for both the company and the innovative Sucrosomial® Technology, a unique, patented delivery system that enables minerals to cross the gastric environment without obstacles; thus guaranteeing tolerability and high absorption levels. A patent that is already the base of several PharmaNutra brand products, like those in the SiderAL® line (Sucrosomial® Iron) and UltraMag® (Sucrosomial® Magnesium) itself which, in any case, will remain the market’s sole product with a 100% Sucrosomial® formula.


The agreement with Pfizer was stipulated by PharmaNutra S.p.A. and Alesco S.r.l. – the Group’s two companies that own the trademark – and will enable the global pharma giant to use the “Sucrosomial®” brand and the Italian patent for the mineral-based, orodispersible formulas (No. 0001419366) limited to the Multicentrum My Mag product for the Italian market.


“The agreement we have signed with Pfizer to use our Sucrosomial® Magnesium in their new Multicentrum MyMAG is a key step for our company growth and opens stimulating, new scenarios”, declares the President Andrea Lacorte. “The fact that a company of Pfizer’s stature has acknowledged the validity of our patent and has invested in a direct collaboration with the Group is not just very satisfying. It is also an important growth opportunity for our business, based – as this prestigious agreement confirms once again – on the high value of research”.