12 June 2019 |

Pharmanutra: sales network evolution and new commercial strategies

struttura commerciale pharmanutra la rete si evolve convention officine garibaldi

Pharmanutra: the network is evolving”. That is the title of the meeting held on Friday, 7ᵗʰ June at the Officine Garibaldi in Pisa. An important convention during which Pharmanutra presented its goals and new commercial structure strategies to its network.
The company brought its entire national network together to share a growth project foreseeing its evolution not just in number terms, but for greater specialisation and capillarity in the various application areas.



As the Commercial Director of the Pharmanutra Group, Cinzia Corasiniti, explained: “We have been working on this project for two years now. It sets an increasingly more detailed specialisation for both the network and our commercial offer. Personally, the true satisfaction is finally being able to share this project with the people who helped make Pharmanutra what it is today. The pharmaceutical representatives and commercial network are the company’s driving force. We are sure this evolution will lead to further growth and a leap in quality.


Pharmanutra has had excellent performances in growth terms, in Italy and abroad. For this, the commercial structure has always been acknowledged as an innovative, effective model. The commercial network evolution is to further enhance the company’s performance in Italy and will be a virtuous model for our foreign partners.


Pharmanutra is growing continuously, in Italy and globally”, explains Andrea Lacorte, President of Pharmanutra S.p.A. “We have brought more than 130 youngsters together in the Officine Garibaldi. Until now, they have generated company growth. It is because we want to keep on growing that we are inaugurating a new organisation and management system for the Italian commercial network. It will lead us to 200 ISC in Italy and to optimising the country’s territorial performance. And the new structure will be an example for all the commercial networks Pharmanutra will have all over the world through its partners”.


As Roberto Lacorte, the Group’s Vice President also says: “This is an important growth moment for the company. It will undoubtedly strengthen its presence on the Italian market. Any company wanting to grow cannot lose sight of its goal and strong points. Thanks to this new strategy we will have specific focus on medical information and, at the same time, a more specialised one on commercial activities”.


According to Carlo Volpi, COO of Pharmanutra, “the new commercial structure is a fundamental peg in the company’s growth for the next few years. Pharmanutra is based on people. People are the company’s most important resource and our true riches,” says Volpi. “The decision to have a more focussed commercial structure is an investment for the company’s future growth and will lead us to achieving new ambitious goals in the next few years”.