02 August 2019 |

PharmaNutra: historical month-based sales record in Italy

Around 400,000 units sold in July



A new historical record for PharmaNutra S.p.A.: for the first time, in the month of July which has just closed, the company recorded a sales volume for Italy of more than 300,000 pieces, reaching a total of 333,156 packages, a 27.5% increase on the same month of the previous year, with a daily average of 14,485 units; the Group (PharmaNutra Spa and Junia Pharma) sales thus total 394,423 packages, marking a 26.2% increase on July 2018.


The significant increase in sales of the Group on the Italian market is also confirmed by the aggregate data for the first seven months of 2019. From January to July 2019 1,855,336 packages were sold, compared to 1,610,710 in the previous year, marking a growth rate of 15.2%.


Roberto Lacorte, Vice President of PharmaNutra, commented: “The data is extremely satisfying, demonstrating the validity of our Group strategy, which in 2019 has aimed to strengthen our sales structure in terms of territorial focus and coverage. We have always thought that the development of our sales network, along with continuous investments in research and development, would further enhance the company performance with a virtuous model, and these figures are the concrete result confirming the validity of the choices we have made. In addition to this data, with the investment in the new industrial plant, today we are laying the foundations for more great targets and excellent results. The production site will allow us to further strengthen our research and development activities and directly oversee the manufacturing of our solutions, which are the result of the technology that distinguishes our products. A decisive choice that will allow the PharmaNutra Group to become an authentic chemical-pharmaceutical industrial organization”.