14 December 2018 |

AIM Italy: PharmaNutra in the top 10 for performance and capitalisation

PharmaNutra nella Top10 AIM per performance e capitalizzazione

PharmaNutra S.p.A., a pharmaceutical company that leads the market in the iron-based nutritional supplements sector, listed on the AIM Market Italy since 18th July 2017, has recorded the umpteenth positive Stock Market capitalisation performance.


An article published on last 6 December by the influential, economic-financial daily, Milano Finanza, lists the first 20 companies for capitalisation and the first 20 stock performances, measured from their debut value on AIM Italy, the Alternative Investment Market of the Italian Stock Exchange which includes 114 companies, mainly innovative SMEs, for a total capitalisation of €7.5 billion.


An official ranking smiling at the Italian company founded in 2003 by the brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte, ranking eighth amongst the main ones for capitalisation, with €153.4 million out of a turnover of 37.5 million, and ranking tenth amongst the best performers, with a positive 55.90% variation (source Bloomberg and processing MF database).


These figures are extremely positive and a tangible signal of investors’ full trust in PharmaNutra S.p.A.. Thanks to its constant production and marketing of innovative, patented pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, with proprietary raw materials, the company is rapidly gaining important market shares, both in Italy and abroad.


Roberto Lacorte, Vice President of PharmaNutra, declares: “The financial performances highlighted by Milano Finanza – that we are particularly proud of – are the concrete result of a winning company strategy that continues to guarantee important results. They are also due to a concrete development base on which to found further growth considering the strong fundamentals soon to be released by the company and further assets about to be finalised. It is an important acknowledgement and an objective Group solidity indicator, that I am pleased to be able to share with our workforce, always the company’s crowning achievement; and with the investors who, from when we were first listed on the Stock Market, have believed in us and in our industrial policy”.