13 September 2018 |

Four new products presented at the National Convention

The PharmaNutra Group presented four new products during the National Convention which took place at the Life Resort Garden Toscana in San Vincenzo (Livorno), an event that brought together the management and sales network of the two main companies of the Group, PharmaNutra and Junia Pharma .

The new products are ready to be introduced on the market starting from September 17, they are Apportal and SiderAL® H for PharmaNutra, and SiderAL® Gocce Forte and SiderAL® Oro 14 for JuniaPharma. New products which demonstrate the Group’s ability to explore new and important segments of market with solution and patented formulations of great and proven effectiveness.

SiderAL® H is a new formulation of Sucrosomial Iron® in powder to be disolved in water, mainly aimed at intra-hospital use, often frequent in pre and post-operative conditions. It represents a valid alternative to more invasive treatments such as intravenous iron therapy.
Thanks to the development of Sucrosomial® Technology – the Group’s innovative patent base of the success of SiderAL® line products – Apportal is born. It is the first complete nutritional complement that brings together the properties of 5 minerals (iron, selenium, zinc, iodine, magnesium), as well as vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts. All the minerals contained in Apportal have been enhanced thanks to the Sucrosomial® Technology, with the result of having in their hands a unique product, with antioxidant, immunomodulatory, tonic and energizing, muscular properties.

The two new products for Junia Pharma represent an expansion of the SiderAL® range in the pediatric field: SiderAL® Gocce Forte is the new formulation in drops, in which the dosage of Sucrosomial Iron® passes to 14mg / ml. It is designed for the strongest iron deficiency. On the other hand,  SiderAL® Oro 14, is the new, practical form of Sucrosomal Iron in buccal tablet. Its dosage goes from 12 to 14 mg, to suit for the 100% of the Daily Recommended Nutritional Value, useful for preventing iron deficiencies and adolescents and older peoples asthenia.

Scientific innovation and commercial enhancement have represented the main focus of this National Convention, in which the opportunity to examine the excellent company results achieved in the last few months has not been missed, always looking at the future and the important objectives that the PharmaNutra Group SPA has set for 2019.

“SiderAL® H and Apportal are the concrete answers to the need to give a more complete list to our informers involved in the specialist hospital field”, said Andrea Lacorte, President PharmaNutra SPA. “With SiderAL® H we want to allow an intra-hospital use of a nutritional supplement at the highest level such as Sucrosomal Iron®, easier to be administered by hospital health workers, facilitating their intake in some diseases where the swallowing of capsules becomes complicated. In fact we have transformed our SiderAL® Forte into a soluble form, making it easier to use in cases of more intensive use on medical indications. Apportal is the sum of our scientific researches, a 360° nutritional support available to specialists, which helps the prevention of undernourished states, muscle decay, or generalized lack of tone that occur frequently during oncological therapies, nephropathy, or during long hospital stays. This complete expression of our technologies is rare to find on the market, because it is made of 19 ingredients masterly combined and it wants to be the completion of our excellence for all specialists who face serious nutritional deficiencies. These are products that have no comparison on the market. Potentially the numbers are large, especially for Apportal, while SiderAL® H aspires to be our flagship product in all the hospital departments where the problem of iron deficiency is tackled”.

“This National Convention of the PharmaNutra Group represents a great opportunity for contact with the Junia Pharma sales network, which in the coming months will be strongly committed to carry forward not only our strongly growing whole list, but above all the two new products we presented : SiderAL® Gocce Forte and SiderAL® Oro 14”, adds Roberto Lacorte, President of Junia Pharma, Vice President and AD of PharmaNutra SPA. “These are new concentrations of our main active ingredient, Sucrosomial Iron®, which allow us to enter a market of specialists, founded on medical-scientific information, which among other things represents one of the characteristics of our working method. With the launch of these new products, two important access doors open up for Junia Pharma, representing the opportunity to enter sectors and unexplored market shares, a challenge we can not wait to face with our valid and equally solid sales network”.