05 November 2019 |

PharmaNutra obtains the Solid Iron patent for the USA

After Europe, the intellectual property rights of the patent expiring in 2033 are now acknowledged in the United States.

A fundamental new strategic corporate asset joins those already held by PharmaNutra S.p.A.
The Company has now also received the Solid Iron patent concession (number 10,183,077) for the United States. Applied for in July 2013, the patent will be valid for 20 years, thus expiring in 2033. Alongside the European one held by PharmaNutra since January 2019.

The company’s flagship product, SiderAL®, is based on the Sucrosomial® Technology of the PharmaNutra Group, representing the result of years of research to overcome the limits and problems caused by daily administration of traditional oral iron, with its reduced absorption and limited gastrointestinal tolerability. The term “sucrosomial” comes from the fact that the iron is conveyed using a unique technology called sucrosomial that helps preserve, transport, protect and absorb the iron. Thanks to the high absorption and tolerability level, the result of a unique mechanism patented by PharmaNutra, Sucrosomial® iron-based supplements are acknowledged internationally as the sector’s most effective and innovative, by both the medical-scientific community and by consumers.

The patent having been granted in the USA is a decisive asset for being able to enter a strategic market in both size and growth potential. Considering that the US pharmaceutical market is estimated at about $ 484.9 billion, with increases of 4-7% expected for the 2019-2023 five-year period (source Report Iqvia “The Global Use of Medicine in 2019 and Outlook to 2023”), resulting in a high active principles import rate to respond to the high internal demand.

Andrea Lacorte, President of PharmaNutra S.p.A., said: “Obtaining the patent for the United States opens the doors to one of the world’s most important markets, with very rigid rules, proof of the extreme scientific validity and unique properties of our Sucrosomial® Iron. A certification that enables us to increase our distribution potential in a fundamental country for the international growth of the PharmaNutra Group”.