26 July 2021 |

SiderAL® Folico chosen as “product of the year for women of childbearing age” at the Supplement Awards 2021

winmedica ai supplement awards 2021 - sideral folico eletto prodotto dell'anno

The award was given to WinMedica, a longstanding partner of PharmaNutra, which deals with the distribution of SiderAL® Folico in Greece and Cyprus.

On 20th July this year, our partner WinMedica received the award «product of the year for women of childbearing age» for SiderAL® Folico, the nutritional supplement with a base of Sucrosomial® iron, vitamins and folic acid, developed by PharmaNutra.

The awarding company was BOUSSIAS Media Group with the patronage of SESDI (an association of all Greek companies in the nutraceuticals sector), on occasion of the Supplement Awards 2021. The ceremony, organised for the first time in Greece, aimed at highlighting and rewarding innovation in the field of food supplements, promoting the features of quality, effectiveness, safety and well-being.

The award was given to Maria Antoniou, Group Product Manager and Antonios Kyriakopoulos, Director of the Business Unit Primary Care of WinMedica.

Speaking of the award, Maria Antoniou commented: “We are immensely proud of this award, which represents the culmination of our tireless efforts to offer consumers innovative and reliable food supplements and medical products, aimed at improving their quality of life. SiderAL® Folico is a precious ally for all women, above all when you consider that in Greece one women in two, aged between 18 and 50, suffers from a deficiency of iron, an element that together with vitamins and folic acid, is essential for many stages of life, such as pregnancy”.

Meanwhile, Antonios Kyriakopoulos commented: “WinMedica, active on the Greek market since 2008, has stayed faithful to its commitment to offer options for high quality treatments. The award given to SiderAL® Folico reflects our vision, focussing on well-being and continuous improvement of daily life, and consequently of health and quality of life. We will continue to invest in innovative treatment solutions and state-of-the-art technologies that respond effectively and safely to important needs”.

SiderAL® Folico is a food supplement based on Sucrosomial® iron, vitamins C, B12, B6 and D, with the addition of Quatrefolic®, an active form of folic acid. It is a precious ally for the well-being of women of all ages, in particular in the cases where iron supplements are needed in the long-term. In fact, thanks to the application of Sucrosomial® Technology, specifically developed to carry and transfer the iron into our bodies, SiderAL® Folico is especially effective in countering the effects of iron deficiency, improving absorption and tolerability, and above all avoiding unpleasant side effects on the stomach and intestine.

Some notes on WinMedica:

WinMedica is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Greece. Active in the field of healthcare assistance and hospital services, WinMedica works with a long-term strategy aimed at improving the quality of life, patient access to treatments and cost savings. The company’s main areas of business include original medicines, generic and differentiated high added-value medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Quality products and services are the key to success for WinMedica, which constantly invests in scientific research. Since 2014 WinMedica has been a partner of PharmaNutra, for which it is exclusive distributor on the Greek market, with the products SiderAL® Forte, SiderAL® Folico, SiderAL® Sport, SiderAL® Drops, Ultramag® Oro and Cetilar®.

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