25 May 2022 |

New international distribution agreements for SiderAL® and Cetilar®

Two new distribution contracts will introduce the Group’s leading products to the markets in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, opening major new sales channels in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

PharmaNutra informs of the signing of two new sales agreements for the international distribution of the products in the SiderAL® and Cetilar® lines. The continuing expansion abroad is the result of the winning strategy adopted by the Group founded by brothers Andrea and Roberto Lacorte, which has constantly invested in targeted international markets, obtaining significant performance results: export sales volumes in 2021 increased by 22.7% on the previous year, with 6.2 million units compared to 5.1 million in 2020.

The recent agreements concern two new countries, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Specifically, for Nigeria, the country in Western Africa with just over 200 million inhabitants distributed over a territory of over 900,000 km², the contract was signed with PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals LTD, a company founded in 2006, with whom the PharmaNutra export department made the first contacts in November 2021, during the CPHI fair in Milan. The products distributed by PaceMaker Pharmaceuticals LTD will be SiderAL® Forte INT 30 cps and Cetilar® Cream on behalf of PharmaNutra, as well as SiderAL® Gocce P on behalf of Junia Pharma, the Group’s paediatric division.

From the African continent to the Middle East; the agreement signed with the company Safety Science concerns the distribution of the whole Cetilar® line on the market in Saudi Arabia, a country with almost 35 million inhabitants and a rapidly growing market. The products that will be launched in the coming months by Safety Science on the national market will therefore be Cetilar® Cream, Cetilar® Patch and Cetilar® Tape.

Following these two new export agreements, the PharmaNutra Group can now count on 42 distributors in 63 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

“In this rather complex socio-political situation, in which long-term planning may meet with certain obstacles, we are very proud and satisfied to be able to conclude contracts with countries like Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, very important markets in Africa and the Middle East”, commented Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of the Group. “Our international network continues to expand, interest in our products is growing and we are working to conclude other major export contracts for the distribution of our brands in the coming months”.

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