PharmaNutra Group Companies

The PharmaNutra Group is a group of companies specialised in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and nutritional sector.
The Group currently includes the Italian companies PharmaNutra S.p.A. and Akern S.r.l., as well as the two foreign subsidiaries PharmaNutra U.S.A. Corp. and PharmaNutra España.

In 2022, following the acquisition of 100% of Akern S.r.l., the Group opened up to the nutritional research sector, internalising unique technical and scientific know-how.
2024 has seen the merger by incorporation of the Group’s two other important companies, Junia Pharma S.r.l. and Alesco S.r.l., a fundamental step towards establishing a new corporate structure that meets the requirements of the entire production chain, from the development of new technologies and patents to the marketing of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products covering health and wellness needs from early childhood to adulthood.


Thanks to its continuous investment in R&D, which has led to the recognition of numerous patents related to Sucrosomial® Technology and Cetylated Fatty Acids (CFAs), the Group has succeeded in a short time in establishing itself as a leader in the sector of iron- and mineral-based nutritional supplements and medical devices dedicated to restoring joint capacity.


Thinking outside the box leads to extraordinary results, with a bold approach and increasingly challenging goals.


Keeping in step with change means being one step ahead, which translates into a competitive time-to-market and an accelerated global expansion strategy.


Growing is only possible if you have solid, concrete bases, in the company this means not only counting on results and financial soundness but also on the commitment of our people.


Guaranteeing reliability and efficacy is the secret of success, our know-how comes from our continuous investments in R&D and the protection of our intellectual property.


This is not just a business attitude, but the forward-looking vision of a company, aiming towards continuous improvement.

“We really believe in the values PharmaNutra was founded on. We also believe that words such as ethics, responsibility, research, innovation and respect have a true, profound, current meaning. Because how we do business is based on these concepts, as are the solid foundations on which we built a company now recognised as one of Italian excellence - with commitment, determination and a touch of healthy madness.”

Andrea e Roberto Lacorte, Founders of PharmaNutra S.p.A.

Founded and managed by the Lacorte brothers, PharmaNutra was born in 2003 with the aim of developing nutritional supplements and innovative medical devices, overseeing the whole production process, from the development of proprietary raw materials to the distribution of the finished product.

With its products distributed worldwide, in just over 20 years the company has succeeded in making its mark as a leading player in the iron- and mineral-based oral nutritional supplements market, where it boasts major patents linked to Sucrosomial® Technology. It is also considered to be one of the emerging top players in the sector of sports nutrition and medical devices for the recovery of joint capacity, thanks to the development of the Cetylates Fatty Acids (CFAs) patent.

In 2022, PharmaNutra made the first acquisition in its history, taking over 100% of Akern Srl. As a result of this transaction, the Group opened up to new market segments and areas of research and development, strengthened by an increasingly cutting-edge scientific and technological know-how in the field of nutrition.

2024 will see the merger by incorporation of the Group’s two other important companies, Junia Pharma S.r.l. and Alesco S.r.l., a fundamental step towards the establishment of a new corporate structure to meet the requirements of the entire production chain, from the development of new technologies and patents to marketing the finished product.

PharmaNutra branded products are designed to cover the health and wellness needs of everyone, from infancy to old age, guaranteeing maximum safety, efficacy and quality.

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PharmaNutra USA

In 2022, PharmaNutra U.S.A. Corp., the first overseas company, was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaNutra for the distribution of the Group’s products in the USA, a key market for foreign development. Since 2023, PharmaNutra U.S.A. has marketed the nutritional supplements SiderAL® Forte, SiderAL® Folic and ApportAL®, as well as the Cetilar® range of medical devices, both through online channels and through direct distribution in the territory.

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PharmaNutra España

PharmaNutra España, a Barcelona-based wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaNutra, has been marketing the Cetilar® and Cetilar® Nutrition ranges directly across Iberia since 2023. Product distribution is entrusted to a network of locally active agents, as well as e-commerce channels and selected distributors. In 2024, the sale of Cetilar® brand products will also be joined by the UltraMag® dietary supplement.


Akern S.r.l. was founded in 1980, dedicated to the research, development and production of medical instruments and software for monitoring body composition using bioimpedance techniques. The company mission is to support doctors and researchers in their challenge to fight chronic degenerative diseases, guaranteeing clinically significant results to support diagnosis and the choice of treatment. Over the years, Akern has developed technologies that have allowed the company to be recognised in Europe as a benchmark for body composition science. Akern joined the PharmaNutra Group in 2022.

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