11 July 2022 |

PharmaNutra is main sponsor of Pisa Sporting Club for the 2022- 2023 season

At the presentation of the new 2022-2023 game kits, the Cetilar® brand reconfirms its place as the main sponsor of the “nerazzurra” team.

Another year together, for an even stronger seal on the partnership based on shared values and goals and to continue to face new important challenges. It is on these solid foundations and prospects that this afternoon, during the event organised by the Arsenali Repubblicani, revealing the official Team Kits for the match season 2022-2023, that PharmaNutra S.p.A. And Pisa Sporting Club announced the renewal of their partnership also for the next Serie B Championship.

The “nerazzurra” team headed by Giuseppe Corrado, last year so close to promotion to Serie A, missed at the last minute in the playoff final, will continue to wear the shirts with the Cetilar® logo, which appeared for the first time in the final stage of the 2019-2020 season.

A presence ever more rooted and tied to the local area, as highlighted by the new look of the Nerazzurri and with strong links to the historical traditions of the city. In fact inspiration for the Adidas Game Kit for the next season was taken from the colours of the “Gioco del Ponte”, the most well-known and popular historical event of Pisa. Thanks to collaboration with the Municipal Administration and the Historical Events office of the Municipal Authority of Pisa, the same warriors and characters of the Gioco del Ponte will set the scene at the first “call to arms” of the new season, in the impressive presentation to the Arsenali Repubblicani.

“Today is an important day, because we are laying the foundations for a new season alongside the Pisa Sporting Club, a partnership in which we strongly believe”, said Carlo Volpi, COO of PharmaNutra S.p.A.“Over these years together we have been able to touch the strong united bond with the club of President Corrado and the majority shareholder Knaster and the common aim of transmitting to new generations these positive values that the sport can offer. We are the all-rounder main sponsor and partner, able to bring forward a highly profitable collaboration, also from a social and medical-scientific point of view; all aspects that are consolidated year after year with more efficiency and satisfaction”. 

“The continuation of the relationship with PharmaNutra is a natural consequence of a pathway to success taken up three years ago. The collaboration of a prestigious national company residing in our local area and an evidently growing sports club with a shared goal: Representing excellence in the relevant markets. Cetilar® and Pisa Sporting Club two sides of the same medal: a partnership opening up new formulas for communication and relations with clients. The Pisa shirts for this season, even more beautiful than before and always with the Cetilar® logo at the centre and close to our heart”, commented Giuseppe Corrado, President of Pisa Sporting Club.