PharmaNutra’s mission and vision

“When we started out, I had a very clear goal in mind: to put science safely and effectively at the service of nutrition. We created a market and introduced new nutritional concepts and new active ingredients, convinced that our technology is able to make a difference.”

Andrea Lacorte, Chairman and Co-Founder of PharmaNutra S.p.A.
PharmaNutra's Mission: to make a difference

The real challenge of modern medicine is to be able to intervene before people need it.
How do you make a difference? First of all, through curiosity. Only the curious study, listen, find things out and therefore know, and are able to understand the evolution of society and to maintain a constant connection to the healthcare environment.

Education comes before prevention, passing obligatorily through knowledge.

  • Cure by educating to well-being: we work to prevent people from getting sick. A project that goes beyond the concept of prevention, as it concerns nutritional culture and awareness.
  • Cure by making people feel well: we enhance natural elements with our technology, making nutritional supplements that are effective and with no contra-indications.
  • Cure by making people stronger: we know the human body, and we know that the first step to safeguarding health is to make its natural defences strong and effective.
PharmaNutra's Vision: a challenge for the future

Thinking outside the box leads to extraordinary results, with a bold approach and increasingly challenging goals.
Aware of the difference that our technologies can make for people’s well-being, we are projected to become the world benchmark in the mineral- and micronutrient-based nutritional supplements market.

How do we make this vision our reality?

  • By making people more aware of the value of what they consume through their diet and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • By implementing a new proprietary laboratory to simulate digestion and absorption processes, to be put at the disposal of researchers and experts.
  • By applying our know-how and technologies to new microelements, in order to enhance their natural effectiveness.
  • By running new study and research programmes offering a future in science, sport and everyday life for young talents.