07 August 2019 |

Contribution by Cetilar run 2019 handed to the organisation Avis Comunale di Parma

cetilar run 2019 donazione di pharmanutra e cus parma ad avis comunale di parma

After the success of Cetilar Run 2019, CUS Parma and Pharmanutra meet again to award a charitable donation to Avis Comunale of Parma.


On the back of the enthusiasm for the record-breaking Cetilar Run 2019 with more than 2,200 participants in the evening race in the heart of Parma, Cus Parma asd, together with PharmaNutra (the main sponsor of the event), met yesterday, on Tuesday 6th August, for the hand over of the proceeds of the non-competitive race to Avis Comunale of Parma. PharmaNutra’s decision, together with the University Sports Centre, was a step towards continuity, in the light of the important project where Avis and the University are working side by side.


cetilar run 2019 donazione ad avis comunale parma

From the left: Carlo Volpi (PharmaNutra), Giancarlo Izzi (Avis Comunale Parma) and Michele Ventura (CUS Parma)

The aim of this important initiative is in fact to identify how to increase the number of donors and donations. This can be achieved by determining the causes that are leading to a steady decline in donors and donations, and implementing targeted actions to combat them. Research of this kind requires adequate skills, and Avis, thanks to the support and coordination of the Forum Solidarietà and the contribution of Cus Parma and PharmaNutra, has identified a team of consultants and teachers at our university who are developing a very thorough and step-by-step investigation, which should lead to significant results and aims to achieve expected results.


“It is no coincidence that we have decided to pursue this path with Avis”, explains Michele Ventura, president of Cus Parma, “We firmly believe in the value of solidarity, especially when it comes to health, self-care and care for others. That is why we have decided to offer our contribution once again this year. The principles of Avis are fully reflected in our principles and we believe it is important to do our bit to encourage charity in the region. And special praise goes to the Cus Parma team that, at the Cetilar Run 2019, won as the team with the largest number of donors”.


“The partnership between PharmaNutra and Cus Parma is not just limited to sport”, adds Carlo Volpi, PharmaNutra’s Managing Director.“Our collaboration also looks towards these small gestures in the same positive manner and commitment as always. I speak of small gestures if proportionate to the commitment of the many volunteers and donors who help the national health facilities every day in a real charity marathon with incredible wide-ranging work. What we do with Avis and Cus Parma has a multiplier effect when we share it with the many people present at our events with the aim of making our public aware of voluntary work”.


“Being able to count on the support and collaboration of such an important structure as Cus Parma in the world of sport and of a main sponsor like PharmaNutra has been very important for the life of AVIS Comunale di Parma”, comments Giancarlo Izzi, president of Avis Comunale di Parma.“We have found a great harmony of intent and a common will to work for the good of sport and, at the same time, transmit the values and attention to health which is characteristic of us. A sportsman can become a blood donor if he also adopts the appropriate habits and lifestyles, but especially if he is stimulated with thoughts of solidarity and friendship towards others. The research that we have been able to carry out thanks to the support of Cus Parma and PharmaNutra, and with the help of the University of Parma, has given us the opportunity to understand which are the best strategies to make the message of solidarity of Avis even more significant”.