06 March 2020 |

ApportAL®: PharmaNutra launches the new marketing campaign

ApportAL fatti trovare pronto! nuova campagna pubblicitaria pharmanutra

At this complex time for the market, PharmaNutra is strengthening its investment plan with the launch of a new campaign. Spada Media Group has been entrusted with our latest project which includes digital products, national press and television.


PharmaNutra is launching its new advertising campaign dedicated to ApportAL®, an innovative nutritional supplement which contains no less than 19 elements for strengthening the immune system.


Devised and planned by Spada Media Group, a well-established marketing agency that has collaborated with important Italian and International companies for years, the on- and offline brand awareness campaign for ApportAL® will be active nationwide throughout March. The campaign, broadcast from Monday 9 March on the Mediaset, La7 and SKY television networks, will be supported by a specific programme in national magazines and daily newspapers, as well as digital promotion, at the core of which will be the new website www.ApportAL.it.


Thanks to the development of Sucrosomiale® Technology – the innovative PharmaNutra trademark at the root of the success of SiderAL® products – 2018 saw the arrival of ApportAL®, the first nutritional supplement that combines the properties of no less than 5 minerals (iron, selenium, zinc, iodine, magnesium), in addition to vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts. All the minerals contained in ApportAL® have been reinforced with Sucrosomiale® Technology, thus creating  a complete product, suitable for all ages, characterised by nutrients that promote functions of the immune system, energy metabolism, muscle function, the reduction of  tiredness and fatigue.


Gianluca Gracci, Marketing and Communications director at PharmaNutra, says: “We believe a great deal in the effectiveness of ApportAL® and we have identified our advertising claim “Be Ready” to express the unique features of the product. The campaign, direct and straightforward, spread over a number of different channels, focuses on the importance of protecting, supporting and strengthening the immune system, particularly during season changes and moments of stress. A weakened immune system at these times is common in people of all ages, from the very young to the elderly. I am confident that this project will permit us to transmit the effectiveness of an innovative product such as ApportAL® in the best possible way”.


“Despite this temporary market situation, we are certain that now is the right time to reinforce investments in commercial and communications operations. ApportAL® is a complete nutritional supplement, which concentrates the best of our technology and innovation in each single sachet”says Roberto Lacorte, Vicepresident of PharmaNutra Group.