14 May 2019 |

International BioIron Society 2019: the biennial scientific congress dedicated to iron metabolism

Pharmanutra presented seven new posters dedicated to oral iron research at the International BioIron Society 2019.


The eighth edition of the International BioIron Society, the international event dedicated to iron metabolism, took place from the 5th to the 10th of May at Heidelberg, in Germany. The congress, arranged every two years, gathers the main researchers and it is aimed at promoting the latest scientific news and discussing the future iron research objectives.


PharmaNutra, which had already taken part in the 2017 Congress at Los Angeles, attended the International BioIron Society 2019 with its own stand. On this occasion, the Scientific Direction (represented by Doctor Elisa Brilli) presented new data about the use of Sucrosomial® Iron, the innovative patent projected and developed by PharmaNutra which is the main active ingredient of SiderAL® products.


Moreover, other research groups submitted their results, achieved by the use of Sucrosomial®Iron, for a total of 7 new abstracts presented during the two poster sessions. The importance and effectiveness of Sucrosomial® Iron was also discussed in the scientific programme during plenary sessions, at the auditorium of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg. On this occasion Sideral® was presented as the only innovation in the field of oral iron supplementation.


Numerous news about iron metabolism were presented during the International BioIron Society 2019, indicating that research in this field is becoming more and more extensive and concerns different fields of human physiology and medicine. Starting with the new studies concerning the mechanisms of iron regulation, whose aim is the understanding of how iron intervenes on a cardiocirculatory and respiratory level, as well as in the intestine and in the brain.


The congress has been one of the most interesting and the best arranged at which PharmaNutra has ever attended, with a lot of speeches, round tables and presentations of new posters”, tells Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of Pharmanutra. “The research on iron is getting more and more specialized, for a better understanding of the mechanisms of cellular regulation and of the interactions that may happen, especially in case of inflammatory or rare diseases, which are often linked to iron deficiency. This year one of the most discussed aspects has concerned intestinal flora regulation, on which iron has not always a good effect. A very interesting topic, which is strictly correlated with Sucrosomial® Iron, since the use of oral iron salts has effects on the balance of intestinal flora.”


The International BioIron Society will gather again in 2021, in Australia. It is a further reason to confirm the partecipation: since 2018 Pharmanutra has closely cooperated with the Australian Research Group, with which there already are different research projects.