24 April 2018 |

Ready for the fifth edition of the Cetilar Run in Parma

PharmaNutra SPA and CUS Parma together once again in the front row to organize the evocative evening race in the heart of the city of Parma.


For the fifth consecutive year, CUS Parma with the support of PharmaNutra SPA, offers an unique evening of race for all the runners from Parma. The event, sponsored by the Municipality and the University of Parma, will be go on stage on Friday 4 May, with departure (and arrival) at 7.15 pm at Parco della Cittadella (which will also be the meeting point for the runners from 4.30 pm).


Included in the regional FIDAL calendar, the Cetilar Run is a suggestive evening race in the middle of the beauties of the town center, for a distance of 8 Km. The event also includes the Cetilar Run Special and the Cetilar Family Run (non-competitive races of 8 and 5 km respectively) which immediately had considerable success among running enthusiasts.


On the occasion of the Cetilar Run in Parma, PharmaNutra SPA will set up its classic blue and white CetilarĀ® pagoda at the Parco della Cittadella, there will be a Massage Point inside where 20 physiotherapists from the University of Parma, coordinated by Prof. Federica Mosetti, will offer to participants both muscle warm up before the start of the race, and massages to alleviate the fatigue of the race at the end of the run.
CetilarĀ® is a unique and patented product which helps the ability to move in case of articular affections on osteoarthritic basis, reducing painful symptoms, it’s also very useful in the recovery of mobility and rehabilitation resulting from inflammatory phenomena and sports injuries. Also available in the practical patch version (CetilarĀ® Patch), its effectiveness is also proven by the numerous medical partnerships established with different sports realities, which regularly use CetilarĀ® for therapeutic massage before and after the competition.
“The collaboration with CUS Parma is one of the flagships of our activity linked to the world of sports”, explains Carlo Volpi, PharmaNutra’s CFO. “We are happy to continue to support events like the Cetilar Run, which together with the main sponsorship of Parma Calcio and Cetilar Villorba Corse involved in motorsport with a prototype from the famous Parma manufacturer Dallara, show a close relationship with the territory”.


“For us, the Cetilar Run is a kind of ritual confirmed every year, thanks to the relationship established with PharmaNutra: it’s an important event that opens the spring season, as well as a sporting event very appreciated by the people of Parma”, underlines the President of CUS Parma Michele Ventura. “Year after year, the number of runners keeps on growing, because its formula is very appreciated: the race is not too demanding, but enough to allow the athletes to prepare for the next events of the season”.


In addition to the sponsors, it is also worth mentioning the commitment of the numerous volunteer associations: realities such as the Marmers Parmensi, Avis Cristo, the Filippelli Cycling Group, the “historical friends group of CUS with Martino, Marcello and Walter”, the CUS Parma Athletics section and above all the AVIS Comunale of Parma, to which a part of the proceeds of the non-competitive event will be donated for charity. The AVIS Comunale of Parma will be present with an information stand about the value of giving confirming that the Cetilar Run is not only a sporting event, but also a race for solidarity.


To get detailed informations and keep up-to-date with all the news of the Cetilar Run 2018 edition, you can download the Cetilar APP & RUN application (available for Android and Apple devices), which collects useful informations to guide you during the event.


Once again, PharmaNutra confirms its role of promoter of increasingly important and various sporting events. This also demonstrates the strong growth of the company in this important period, as confirmed by the shareholders’ meeting held yesterday 23 April. During this meeting, the financial balance for the year ended December 31, 2017 has been approved, it reports an operating profit equal to 4.547.792 euros. During the meeting, the amount of the dividend that will be distributed to the shareholders was resolved, equal to ā‚¬ 0.33 per share.


Photo Credits: Federico Bacci