08 January 2018 |

SiderAL® racing in Miami with the M32 catamaran

First races of the season for Vitamina Sailing, the team led by the owner Andrea Lacorte, supported, as always, by PharmaNutra through its brands SiderAL® and Cetilar®, which will be involved this year in both Melges 40 one design and M32 catamaran circuits.
And it is precisely in the context of the fast and spectacular multihulls that the team made its seasonal debut this weekend in Miami, Florida, for the first round of the M32 Miami Winter Series.


Helmed as usual by Andrea Lacorte, with the young Australians Torvar Mirsky and Cameron Seagreen, both current Match Race World Champions, onboard in addition to the team manager Matteo De Luca together with Giovanni Bucarelli, Vitamina Veloce concluded this first US event in sixth place, with a growing series of results and much satisfaction for having improved its performance regatta after regatta, in rather demanding conditions, with a wind that blew steadily between 18 and 20 knots.



“Yes indeed, this week was pretty windy,” confirms De Luca from Miami. “We raced with a chartered boat, so we spent a lot of time preparing and adapting the boat to our way of sailing. Also because here in America they’re used to sailing with a five-man crew on board the M32, while we are used to doing it with four men. Last year we never encountered such strong winds in the Mediterranean and, since the boat is very demanding, we thought about safety first, meanwhile all around us we saw wipeouts, capsizes, risks of collisions, broken masts and men overboard…”


For Vitamina Veloce branded by SiderAL®, it was a weekend without any kind of problem, despite having sailed in “push” mode, obviously since it was racing time and not a training session. “We worked completely safe and we finished the races without any incident, but we never gave up and we are happy with our result, despite a difficult start, because we improved from regatta to regatta. After winning the Mediterranean Series last year, we came here to Miami to get involved and we are happy to have found a sport level significantly higher than in Europe. All the competitors are very fast and maneuver perfectly. It was a truly stimulating challenge”.


Having concluded this first US event, Vitamina Sailing will be back in Florida next month for the second stage of the Winter Series. Then, after racing in the Mediterranean Series again, it will be time for the M32 World Championship in Chicago at the end of September.

Opening photo by James Pleasance