11 July 2018 |

UltraMag revolutionises the magnesium market


The new sucrosomial magnesium is the most successful product launch on the Italian market in the history of PharmaNutra Group



PharmaNutra SPA has published the first data following the launch on the market at the end of April of UltraMag, an entirely Sucrosomial® magnesium based dietary supplement.
Initial indications directly from the market are very positive: with 10,000 units sold in the first month only, UltraMag is the most successful product launch in the history of PharmaNutra Group. These record-breaking market figures are backed up not only by scientific evidence, but also by the positive feedback recorded by doctors, pharmacists and consumers, who confirm that the new Sucrosomial® magnesium is particularly


effective in terms of rapid absorption and tolerability.
It is therefore confirmed that the scientific efficacy of Sucrosomial® Technology, the exclusive patent developed by the scientific department of PharmaNutra Group, is valid not only for treating iron deficiency, but also for supplementing magnesium, as demonstrated by the daily use and high levels of satisfaction indicated by consumers.


In a sector such as the magnesium supplements sector, UltraMag is an authentic market breakthrough, thanks to its effective, innovative, unique technology. To communicate the added value of the new product, PharmaNutra has decided to support the scientific information network with cutting-edge digital communication activities directly aimed at the end consumer, with initiatives focusing on profiled target groups. This is a new approach for the Group, which on the one hand seems determined to develop the potential of the digital market, and on the other, seeks to boost its brand recognition among the general public.


“This is just the beginning, and the magnesium market is huge”, said Andrea Lacorte, General Director of PharmaNutra S.p.A., “but the added value of UltraMag is undoubtedly the sucrosomial technology the product is based on, which is now universally recognised as an outstanding addition to the medical and scientific scene. Our aim over the next 12 months is to become the market leader in single-ingredient magnesium. Most of our partners abroad have shown a strong interest in distributing Sucrosomiale® magnesium, as well as the iron-based SiderAL products; less than two months on from the launch of UltraMag on the Italian market, we have already signed the first distribution agreements in Greece and Turkey”.