04 March 2022 |

New international agreements: Malta joins PharmaNutra’s partner countries

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PharmaNutra brands continue consolidating their presence in Europe, with a new agreement for the distribution of the SiderAL® line in Malta. Cetilar®, on the other hand, “takes off” in Asia following the signing of the addendum with Taiwanese partner HONG-CHI Biotech Co. Ltd.

It is no news that PharmaNutra has consistently and specifically invested in foreign market expansion in recent years. Since 2013 – when the first international distribution agreement was signed – more and more companies have joined the list of the Group’s international partners, which by the end of 2021 numbered some 39 distributors in 59 countries across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

As reported by the Board of Directors in late January, in 2021 foreign sales volumes grew by 22.7% on the previous year (6.2 million units vs 5.1 million in 2020). A positive result that, together with the conclusion of new trade agreements, confirms both the recovery of sales and the growing reputation of PharmaNutra brands and technologies outside national borders.

The recent international agreements include that with Maltese company MINT Health Ltd, a young pharmaceuticals distributor operating in the online and offline sales sectors throughout Malta and Gozo. MINT Health will distribute the food supplement containing Sucrosomial® Iron SiderAL® Forte INT, designed to support iron intake in a number of clinical settings, including gynaecology and obstetrics and gastroenterology, as well as general practice and geriatrics. Following the initial launch of the SiderAL® brand in the country, MINT Health and PharmaNutra will work together to expand the product portfolio to the paediatric sector, with the introduction of the SiderAL® Gocce INT supplement for infants and children.

As far as extra-European expansion is concerned, our partner HONG CHI Biotech, a company belonging to the KSMG (Kuang Sheng Medical Group Pharma) Group and already a distributor of the products SiderAL® Forte Int. 30 capsules 30 mg Sucrosomial® Iron and SiderAL® Gocce P 7 mg Sucrosomial® Iron, has decided to also introduce the Cetilar® range to the Taiwanese market. These are two topical products containing Cetylated Fatty Acids (Cetilar® Crema and Cetilar® Patch) developed to promote muscle and joint health. This new international agreement comes just a few weeks after the European Union granted marketing authorisation for cetylated fatty acids as Novel Foods, further evidence that the Cetylated Fatty Acids technology patented and developed by PharmaNutra is obtaining increasingly positive recognition both in the research sector and on the markets.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome amongst our partners MINT Health, an enthusiastic young company focusing of product quality, innovation and with a great attention to customer services, which, in a market as particular as Malta, can make the difference”, commented Roberta Romani, Export Manager of PharmaNutra S.p.A. “MINT Health’s sales approach is perfectly in line with our strategic vision: a strong presence throughout the country, in-depth scientific knowledge and determination are characteristics that we always consider very positively in our decisions to open up to new markets. As was the case with HONG CHI Biotech, we hope that this will be just the first step in an increasingly broad collaboration, with a view to introducing further product lines in the future.”

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