12 October 2018 |

Cetilar and Parma Calcio 1913 together also in scientific training

Sport and science: those two terms took place today at the Stadio Tardini in Parma, thanks to the event organized by PharmaNutra SPA with Parma Calcio 1913, the historical football club that gets in the Tuscan pharmaceutical company its Main Sponsor as Cetilar. The Cetilar brand is a range of products dedicated to reducing the painful symptoms of joints and muscles due to sports injuries.

Now in its fourth year, the Convention, titled “Chronic tendinous pathology of the pelvis” is the result of the intense and strong relationship between the two companies. It was opened by the Parma Calcio CEO Luca Carra together with the CEO of PharmaNutra Carlo Volpi, and conducted by Dr. Giulio Pasta, Medical Area Manager for the Parma Calcio 1913.

More than seventy specialists have faced an intense morning of work – focused on the problems related to chronic tendon pathology of the pelvis, together with other scientific issues of great interest in sports medicine and nutrition. Among the speakers of the conference, renowned professionals and representatives of the medical staff of the football clubs Parma, Bologna and Inter, and Dr. Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of PharmaNutra.

To crown this unique event which has become one the most coveted appointment in the scientific-sports field, the Club Manager of Parma Calcio 1913, Alessandro Lucarelli was there.
The historic captain of Parma Calcio 1913 gave the kick off a match between the participants of the conference, visibly excited to tread such a prestigious playing field like as the Tardini stadium, a playhouse that welcomed the greatest champions of this sport.

Carlo Volpi, Managing Director of PharmaNutra, comments: “I am really satisfied with the progress of this conference, it is undoubtedly the most successful edition among those we have organized, from the point of view of the scientific program, for the quality of the speakers and their interventions. I can only thank Parma Calcio for this and for the great contribution to the organization of the event by the medical-health staff led by Dr. Giulio Pasta, and to the professionals of the other sports clubs that were present. The satisfaction of the participants was evident, numerous requests for further information were received, this is a tangible sign that we have reached our goal”.

Luca Carra, CEO of Parma Calcio 1913, comments: “This event is particularly gratifying and it testimonies the special relationship between Parma Calcio and PharmaNutra, which goes far beyond the sponsorship of the first team, because it is based on a ten-year partnership between our Medical Staff and the company from Pisa. Cetilar has accompanied us along our historical promotion in Serie A, and stands by our side in our adventure. It is a pleasure for us to host this conference at home, in our stadium which has seen for decades the excellence in terms of football, and today also in terms of medicine and science”.

Giulio Pasta, Medical Area Manager for Parma Calcio 1913, comments: ”Many thanks to Pharmanutra for the organization of this wonderful event. Also this year we have tried to organize a high level scientific event: every year we are getting better and better results. In addition to thanking PharmaNutra, I thank all the speakers who have been there today and have allowed us to raise the scientific level of this seminar. We hope to still have the opportunity to organize events of this kind, because they can be the basis of a professional growth of all the people who work around the medical-sports world ”

Germano Tarantino, Scientific Director of PharmaNutra, comments: “Our collaboration with Parma Calcio is not limited to the presence of the Cetilar brand on jerseys and this conference itself represents a tangible sign of this 360° collaboration started years ago under the scientific medical profile aimed at the well-being of the athletes, thanks to the quality of our products used by nutritionists and the medical staff of the Parma calcio. Today, among other things, we have also presented new data on the use of one of our supplements that we provided to athletes during the last season and on which we recorded very useful and interesting effects”.