13 April 2018 |

The sixth edition of the International Multidisciplinary Congress on Iron Deficiency (IMCID) opens today

On Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April, Lisbon hosts the sixth edition of the International Multidisciplinary Course on Iron Deficiency (IMCID), organized as every year by PharmaNutra in collaboration with Zambon, commercial partner for Spain and Portugal. The main objective of the international congress is to expose to medical  specialists and researchers from all over the world focuses and updates about iron deficiency.


This afternoon specifically the program includes two sessions focusing on the theme of Patient Blood Management (PBM). The first interventions, given by Dr. Patrick Meybohm, by Dr. Manuel Muñoz and by Dr. Elvira Bisbe, will focus on optimizing the management of the blood as resource in surgical setting. The goal is to analyze the topic of PBM in cases of surgical patients with anemia. The second session of interventions will focus on the practical application of pre-operative protocols with the use of Sucrosomial Iron® in different medical contexts: gastrointestinal and oncological surgery, obstetrics and cardiology. In this second part,  Dr. Simili, Dr. Franzini, Dr. Rondinelli and Kosevic will make the interventions.
During the second day, the interventions will focus particularly on the applications of Sucrosomial® technology in case of iron deficiency in cardiology, gastroenterology and nephrology.


As Andrea Lacorte, Chairman of PharmaNutra SPA, declares: “The 6th International Congress is a vital moment for us, where we expose our scientific jewellery. All the technological and scientific production that we have had in the last year is presented for the first time here at this congress. The IMCID gathers together some of the best scientific people around the iron metabolisms and this event give us international credibility as our technology and products are backed up by solid science”.
He concludes affirming that “When we started our collaboration with Zambon they were much bigger than us, they still are, so they helped us achieve the credibility that we now have internationally. It is important to have Zambon as our partner at this congress, they are our partners also commercially in the Iberian Peninsula, and the credibility we have is enhanced by their cooperation”.


The program of this VI Congress IMCID is certainly full of important scientific news, proving that the Sucrosomial® technology is a growing international interest.