01 December 2020 |

Partnership with the Zambon Group for the distribution of Sucrosomial® Iron in Brazil

PharmaNutra and Zambon extend their collaboration to introduce two new Sucrosomial® Iron-based products to the Brazilian market.


After the signing of new agreements for Greece, Cyprus and Mauritius, a new and important step forward in the internationalization process of PharmaNutra has recently materialized: the company has strengthened its existing partnership relations with the Zambon Group, defining an extension to its agreement for distribution in Brazil.

The new agreement introduces two new nutritional supplements with Sucrosomial® Iron, the innovative technology patented by PharmaNutra, in the Brazilian market: Iron 30mg in capsule and in drops. The two products are going to be distributed by Zambon in Brazil under the trademark Fisiogen as of next year,  joining Fisiogen Iron 14mg present on the Brazilian market since March 2016.

This important agreement was possible following amendments made to the Brazilian Regulatory System in June 2020. The increase in the maximum quantity of iron in supplements has opened the door to distribution of the two products in Latin America’s most populated country, and the world’s leading market for bariatric surgery, one of the main targets for iron-based products. A regulatory update of crucial importance for PharmaNutra, which had, in parallel, in recent months, launched intense research and development to guarantee full compliance with all aspects of the Brazilian Regulatory System for the two products in question.

“What we are finalising today is very important news for the PharmaNutra Group because we are talking about two flagship products for our company, leaders in their respective reference sectors; which can finally be sold in a market with enormous potential, the most important one in South America”, declares the COO of PharmaNutra, Carlo Volpi. “At the same time, on signing this agreement we are further strengthening our solid relations with Zambon, a company with whom our collaboration is not only commercial but also scientific, something that is always of maximum importance for us”.