05 January 2022 |

Scientific Research and Sucrosomial® Minerals: the latest updates

minerali sucrosomiali - provette in laboratorio di ricerca

We would like to announce some new and important scientific acknowledgements for PharmaNutra’s functional principles and products. Following the recent studies on Sucrosomial® Iron, various basic and clinical research works are also focusing on the use of other products based on Sucrosomial® Minerals in addition to iron, such as magnesium.

What do we mean by Sucrosomial® Minerals?

We use the term Sucrosomial® Minerals to refer to a special category of micro- and macro-nutrients of mineral origin to which a new food technology, patented by PharmaNutra and called Sucrosomial® Technology, is applied. In scientific terms, Sucrosomial® Technology is a system composed of a matrix of phospholipids and sucresters that protect the mineral element, and which is able to improve the properties of the nutrient inside.

What stage has the research on Sucrosomial® Minerals reached? The most important clinical studies published in the last year

In the last year, many new scientific research studies have been published on products based on Sucrosomial® Minerals, offering interesting evidence in various clinical fields.

One of the most important, pioneering research works was undertaken and published in Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, the official journal of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, which assessed the management of the so-called Long-Covid Syndrome using the nutritional supplement ApportAL®.

People who had caught the SARS-CoV-2 infection who, after the end of the acute phase, suffered from persistent fatigue, were prescribed with the food supplement ApportAL® for 28 consecutive days. The data collected showed a significant net improvement of the quality of life, chronic fatigue and mental tiredness, demonstrating that a supplement like ApportAL®, based on Sucrosomial® Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and phytoextracts can be a valid support in post-Covid fatigue and all persons suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

For more details on this research, please refer to the article on ApportAL® and chronic post-Covid fatigue, or read the full study, the references to which are given at the end of this news bulletin.

Other scientific studies on the other hand concern Sucrosomial® Magnesium.
In the nephrology field, Sucrosomial® Magnesium has been used on patients with rare nephrotic syndromes and, thanks to its mechanism of action, was absorbed better, avoiding the typical side-effects of magnesium salts and offering clear advantages in terms of both tolerability and efficacy.

Another interesting clinical research work, on the other hand, assessed the use of Sucrosomial® Magnesium as a post-surgery supplement in elderly people with femur fractures. Compared to the group following only the rehabilitation protocol, the results showed improved pain recovery, higher scores in the balance test, better quality of life and functional capacity in the group of patients for which Sucrosomial® Magnesium was associated to the rehabilitation protocol.

Conclusions and references

Sucrosomial® Technology applied to magnesium and, generally to minerals, continues to be demonstrated as a valid and effective solution for improving the tolerability and properties of nutrients, which in many cases and clinical fields can represent a valid support for other treatments, as well as an important system for preventing established dietary deficiencies, such as sideropenia and magnesium deficiency.

The references to the cited articles are given below:

  • Rossato et al., “Observational study on the benefit of a nutritional supplement, supporting immune function and energy metabolism, on chronic fatigue associated with the SARS-CoV-2 post-infection progress”, Clinical Nutrition ESPEN 46 (2021) 510-518
  • Francini et al., “The Dietary Approach to the Treatment of the Rare Genetic Tubulopathies Gitelman’s and Bartter’s Syndromes”, Review. Nutrients 2021, 13, 2960.
  • Scaturro et al., “Does the association of therapeutic exercise and supplementation with sucrosomial magnesium improve posture and balance and prevent the risk of new falls?”, Aging Clin Exp Res. 2021 Sep 12.

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