27 March 2018 |

Sucrosomial ® Iron award-winning product of the year by Israeli consumers

The Sucrosomial ® technology, patent of the PharmaNutra Group at the base of the SiderAL® products, continues to gain important consents from the international markets.
In fact Comfort Iron, a product launched at the beginning of 2017 exclusively for the Israeli market with a formula composed of Sucrosomial® Iron and Vitamin C, was elected by Israeli consumers “Product of the Year 2018”.


This is a prestigious recognition present in more than 40 countries around the world, which every year allows innovative companies to stand out, elected products to emerge and consumers to make the best choice.
After a first selection phase, the products and services that meet the requirements to participate in the competition are divided into product categories. Subsequently, consumers are involved in the choice of the best product for each category, starting from two fundamental criteria: product innovation and customer satisfaction. The winning products and services can use the “Elected Product of the Year” logo for a year, allowing consumers to quickly recognize their value and helping them to choose the best in the wide range proposed on the market.


This recognition is an important confirmation for PharmaNutra SPA, not only regarding the advantages and benefits of supplementation with Sucrosomial Iron®, already widely demonstrated by numerous scientific researches and by the success of all the products of the SiderAL® line, but also for the excellent results achieved by the Group and by its foreign partners.