16 November 2017 |

PharmaNutra with Cetilar® at the Asics Firenze Marathon

Cetilar® continues to play a leading role in the field of running, renewing its partnership with the Asics Firenze Marathon, the race that on Sunday, November 26th will bring more than 10.000 athletes to face the distance of 42 kilometers and 195 meters in one of the most admired cities in the world, with departure and arrival in Piazza Duomo.
There is a close link between the famous Florentine marathon and PharmaNutra Spa with its Cetilar® brand. All will start on Friday (24 November) before the race at the Florence Marathon Expo at the Asics Firenze Marathon Stadium (formerly “Luigi Ridolfi” ), where an exhibition will be held, in addition to the reception center for the athletes and to the distribution point for the racing bibs and race packs, at which thousands of visitors are expected.
Cetilar® will be there with a stand in which all the products of the line will be exhibited, together with the informative brochures, with our staff available to provide information and specifications on this cream that reduces pain in the joints and skeletal muscles, and which is also useful in case of sports trauma.
The day of the marathon, one of the most important events of the international running season, the presence of Cetilar® will be materialized  in the massage area located at the refreshment point, in Piazza della Repubblica, immediately after the finish line, with a team of professional physiotherapists, managed directly by the PharmaNutra staff, ready to alleviate the fatigue of the participants with a post-competition massage assisted by the use of the products of the line, already known and particularly appreciated by the runners.
On this matter, the features of the Cetilar Run APP, developped by Calabughi Entertainment Games and available at the APP Store for IOS and Android devices, are very important. This is a key tool to get all the logistical information available on the Asics Firenze Marathon, to book and manage your own massage and pick up a gadget at the white and blue Cetilar® inflatable pagoda.
“The world of running is an integral part of the history of Cetilar® and the partnership with the 34th edition of the Florence Marathon is one of the flagships of this close relationship” said Roberto Lacorte, Vice President and CEO of PharmaNutra Spa, the company he founded in 2003 with his brother Andrea, the current President.
“With the Florentine organization the collaboration is solid and profitable, because in addition to the classic Marathon scheduled for Sunday 26, last April, again with our Cetilar® brand, we supported the International Meeting Multistars at the Ridolfi Stadium, while in June we were busy alongside the Notturna di San Giovanni. At PharmaNutra we appreciate the fact that sportsmen can test the effectiveness of our products directly on the playground, and those are the best opportunities to put our ideas and projects into practice”, concluded Lacorte.