We are proud to introduce you to the PharmaNutra Group Sustainability Report 2021. This is a fundamental step that clarifies the company’s responsibility towards its Stakeholders, the local community and the territory it operates in.

PharmaNutra has always works according to the principles of transparency, innovation and continuous growth, in both scientific and human terms. For these reasons, more than a report this document represents a starting point and an exhortation to strive to work even harder, in both the short and long term.

New standards, new rules, new lifestyles

The desire to explain our activities in a Sustainability Report came about in 2020, immediately after the first COVID-19 emergency, because we were convinced of the need to define new standards, new rules, new lifestyles starting precisely from our day-to-day business management.

First of all, health must be the cornerstone of our progress, and this passes firstly through the ethics of scientific information: this is where our full commitment to supporting research and training research in all means comes from.
But the pandemic also showed us the value of the people who are part of the business. The resilience, flexibility and determination showed by our staff and partners in conducting business, even in the times of greatest difficulty and uncertainty, led us to think about the role of the company as a creator of professional, personal and social well-being.

Actors and promoters of change

What and how much is PharmaNutra doing to respond to these needs?
What is our action plan for improving our impact and those of our activities on the whole value chain?
These questions are answered in the Sustainability Report 2021 and are all the expression of our firm desire to become actors and promoters of change in the scientific world, as well as in the business and the community we work in.

The Sustainability Report is a written promise, that will already be put into practice from next year, with the inauguration of the new Group headquarters, a pioneering, low-impact project combining our offices, research centre and production site in a single, large facility that sets out to achieve our commitment to environmental sustainability, redevelopment of the local community and well-being in the workplace.

We therefore invite you to read and share this document and its contents, certain that you will support our commitment and values with faith and pride, as you have done over the last 20 years with our solutions and technologies.