In 2022 Pharmanutra Group Sustainability Report, in addition to representing the progress made and the objectives achieved, the medium-term sustainability strategy (the Sustainability Plan) is presented for the first time. It is a concrete plan, made up of actions and projects, which aims to lead the Group towards a fair and sustainable future, while continuing to generate value for investors, customers and all stakeholders.

Great attention and constant commitment in the field of sustainability

PharmaNutra Group has a strong focus and a constant commitment to sustainability. People are very important to us and that is why we put their safety first, promoting programmes to further improve standards relating to protection and prevention. In our strategic sustainability plan, we are certain that building a peaceful and inclusive work environment is of paramount importance. Such an environment must allow people to fulfil their potential so that they can be valued as well as rewarded according to their commitment and talent. It is precisely with these aims in mind that the Group's new headquarters was designed, which will finally be operational starting from next September, with a strong focus on reducing the impact on the climate. To this end, we will purchase green energy quotas from the grid, use electrical power from renewable sources, and strive to use the natural resources as well as raw materials we need in a circular manner. Such a commitment to a fairer and more sustainable future also extends to the social sphere. In fact, we plan to intensify our relations with educational institutions, continuing to promote actions to support the communities in which we operate, but not only. Our strategy envisages the increasingly active and responsible involvement of all those in the supply chain, engaging them in a process of evaluation and performance improvement related to environmental, social and business ethics issues, with a focus on the respect for human rights.